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Window cleaning biz thoughts

To be honest running a window cleaning business is pretty easy and straight to the point. With other businesses it costs a bit to even get your business started. Window cleaning you need a couple hundred bucks, yourself to go out and get clients and a work ethic. It sounds cliche, but thats literally how I started mine when I was home from college in the summer. To be honest I just didn't want to get a job as a produce clerk at Stop and Shop, when I know I can build something for myself. I started watching youtube videos on window cleaners and read some ebooks on window cleaning to learn some tips about bidding, different types of customers, other services you can add to your business and the best tools. If you are looking to start your own window cleaning business I suggest watching Steveo the window cleaner. But yea, I just went door to door at first and thats probably the easiest and free way to get clients, it just takes work ethic because the rare answer is "yes, I actually want a window cleaner". Also another thing to keep in mind, I am a pretty introverted person so at first, this was very tough for me. I would go out sometimes to go canvassing, but I would stop myself before I even got to the door. Once you get knocking, it gets much easier to just keep going and do things that make you uncomfortable. Next thing you know you have a couple clients and you are making some good money, make sure you manage clients properly. At the moment, we are setting up our SEO for our business, which will help us find more clients by finding us first. Since we are a service based business, SEO will benefit us dearly. Look to set up a SEO for your window cleaning business ASAP, it'll be costly but its an investment that will benefit your business. #windowcleaning #entrepreneurship #services #business

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