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Power Washing Service

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Power Washing Services Near You - Hire Professional Power Washer

Here at Flawless Window cleaning, we don't just look to make your window sparkle. We look to provide many essential cleaning services that each and every home needs. Power washing services are needed for people who own properties and know the benefit of having their houses or properties cleaned and maintained. Hire a professional power washer in your area and get window cleaned safely. 


Looking to take care of our Island we will provide our professional power washing services in a 50 mile radius from Nassau County. We power wash anything if it's the side of your house to get dirt and algae off, or if you want your driveway to finally look brand new we can help with cleaning off your driveway. With a professional power washer your home can be power washed and cleaned in a matter of a couple hours. We look to finish off jobs in half hour to three hour tops. Here at Flawless window cleaning we make sure that we bring full attention to finer details of the service you need provided. We charge 40-60$ on average for professional power washing homes, but this mainly depends on the home and the dirtiness of the home. If you are looking for a power washer near you, feel free to contact us today!

For driveway cleaning is the same process. We aim to finish cleaning your driveway as soon as possible, but this again all depends on the dirtiness of the driveway. Also, we may start doing a re-painting of the driveway as well. Feel free to ask us about that as well as that will be another service we may be able to add to our other cleaning services. As a client of ours as well, there is no question you can't ask. If you are unsure if we clean a specific thing you want cleaned, say your boat, we can definitely make an exception. We will always look to abide by a client's needs and clean whatever it is necessary that they want cleaned. We look to provide quality power washing services for our clients and build loyalty with us at the same time. If you are satisfied, feel free to recommend us to others who would benefit from our services. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority when it comes to professional power washing services and others alike. So feel free to give us a call or email us your job details and we will not hesitate to get back to you as soon as possible.

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