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Starting a business

To start a business sounds scary and freighting for sure. Not knowing when your paycheck will come from is something no one wants to deal with. I was lucky enough to start this in college with little to no money and just go out and get jobs and get experience in the industry. Window cleaning is a great industry with high growth and low expense margins. There are times that are hard but if you just keep working on it you will see results.

We are going to start cleaning in, West Palm Beach Florida as well. In the winter time, since we are based in NY we will make it a priority to get work down there so we can work both times of the year. As for online presence if you were thinking of starting a window cleaning business I would suggest you build your online presence. SEO, website, instagram, YouTube all that good stuff. Espically in these times now word of mouth is not enough you need repeat clients and new clients, that's when the word of mouth passively grows.

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Flawless Window Cleaning NY/FL

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